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Aurora Computer Center Aurora Computer Center 03 October 2016, 13:55
5 More Computer Viruses You Really Don't Want to Get
Aurora Computer Center Aurora Computer Center 01 October 2016, 08:43
Lions Door Cam 2016
Aurora Farmers Fair Parade will begin at 10AM. Watch it streaming live on Youtube... http://www.aurorafarmersfairwebcams.com/
James McElfresh Watched Parade in Tuba City, AZ. Thank you!
15 October 2016, 07:31
Aurora Computer Center Aurora Computer Center 27 September 2016, 06:58
Timeline Photos
The Aurora Farmers Fair web cams are almost setup and ready for the 2016 Aurora Farmers Fair! http://www.aurorafarmersfairwebcams.com
Mary Hofmeyer Is the fair this weekend?
27 September 2016, 10:25
Karen Combs Cindy Greene Dicken
27 September 2016, 15:27
Cindy Greene Dicken Oh Mark announced this morning that they are up and going! We are coming and riding on our 45th AHS float!
27 September 2016, 15:39
Aurora Computer Center Aurora Computer Center 12 September 2016, 06:38
Windows 10 CAN corrupt your external Hard Drive or Flash Drive IF you use it in other computers. To avoid this behavior, simply do NOT connect your external drive to Windows 10 until the machine is fully booted first.

To reproduce the behavior, save a file to your external device from any other computer, plug your external drive into your Windows 10 machine, boot your machine, and you will find that most files that were not there the last time the Windows 10 machine saw that drive are now corrupt or missing. The running theory is the Windows 10 fast boot, which puts Windows into a hybrid sleep, rather than a full shutdown. Since it is not fully shut down, it expects all files to remain the same as they were the last time it saw them.

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