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Sangoma Phones: S206 , S305 , S406 , S505 , S705, EXP100 , DC210

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Samgoma S206 - The Sangoma S206 is an entry-level IP phone - $59.00

The Sangoma S206 is a full feature set phone with 2 SIP accounts at a competitive price point.


Samgoma S305 - The Sangoma s305 is a full feature set phone with two Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) accounts at a competitive price point. - $89.00

The S305 contains two (2) Session Initiated Protocols (SIP), dual Ethernet ports, and is headset compatible. Its simple and sleek modern design incorporates 4 line keys with dual-color LED with 15 programmable features.


Sangoma S406 - The Sangoma s406 IP Phone is a full feature, Mid-Level set phone with 3 SIP accounts all at a competitive price point. - $124.00

The s406 features industry standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), a full duplex speakerphone, 5-way conference calling, high definition (HD) voice quality and built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability.


Sangoma S505 - The Sangoma S505 SIP Phone is our most popular. A full featured phone with 4 SIP accounts, 8 line keys and 28 programmable soft keys. - $149.00

The S500 has dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, and is headset compatible. Its simple and modern design incorporates a 3.5 inch full color display and an intuitive user interface with icons and up to 28 programmable soft keys. This SIP phone allows for full integration with phone apps so that the user can manage complicated features directly from the phone without having to remember feature codes.


Sangoma S705 - Hey, we want perfect too. The s705 IP Phones are ready for the most demanding Executive or Operator. - $199.00

The Sangoma s705 is an executive-level phone with 6 SIP accounts with features like Full-duplex speakerphone, 5-way conferencing, 4.3 inch full-color display, 45 programmable soft keys, Headset compatible, Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Support. This phone is pretty perfect and at a competitive price point.


Sangoma EXP100 - The Sangoma Expansion Module EXP100 for S500 and S700 Phones. - $150.00

The Sangoma Expansion Module EXP100 has 20 programmable buttons with 2 pages for a total of 40 LCD BLF capable buttons.


Sangoma DC210 - Cordless Color IP Phone. Includes Base and one Handset - $199.00 (Note: Extra Handsets - $99.00 each)

Business moves us. Whether you are on your way to a meeting, grabbing something from storage or just stopping by the vending machine for a snack it is important to always be reachable. The Sangoma Wireless DECT phone system gives you that power and more. Designed with a mobile staff in mind this phone is ideal for administrators, warehouse workers, maintenance personnel, retail stores and wherever you need the option to move.


Compare all of the Sangoma Phones

Sangoma phone No. SIP Acct. No. Prog. Buttons Display
S206 2 4 2-Line Grayscale
S305 2 4 192x64 pixel grayscale LCD
S406 3 25 32.7-inch greyscale
S505 4 35 3.5 Inch Full Color
S705 6 45 4.3 inch full color
EXT100 N/A 40 Full Color
DC210 5 3 Color


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