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Aurora Computer Center provides Residential and Business Computer Repair, Virus Removal, PC Optimization, Computer Upgrades, New Computers, Laptops, Special Ordering, Price Matching, Free Consultation, Same Day Repair, And More.  Our repair service is unrivaled for price and quality, now backed with our Virus Free Guarantee* (See Store for Details).  See our Services Page for a full list of our services.
Posted June 12, 2022
Rummage Sale located inside Aurora Computer Center June 20th-24th 9AM to 3PM (Closed 11:30-Noon for lunch). New and Used items up to 90% OFF! (FREE ITEMS AVAILABLE) ***CASH & PICKUP ONLY*** Desktops, Monitors, iMacs, Collectibles, PC Accessories, Modems, Routers, Hard Drives and More. Currently featuring New Plumbing Supplies and Home Goods including Kitchen and Bath Faucets, Mini Blinds, Garbage Disposals, Bath Fixtures, Lighting Fixtures, Shower Heads, Tub Drain Kits, Medicine Cabinets, Laundry Kits and MORE.
Rummage Sale June 20th - 24th
Posted March 29, 2022
If you use a Chromium based browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge you are urged to update to the latest version to mitigate a serious zero-day exploit. Click below to read more...
Chrome / Edge Zero Day Exploit
Posted October 4, 2021
Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other services have been experiencing an outage as of 11AM this morning. The origin of the issues are not known at this time, but posts made on Twitter show that they are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. Click below to read more...
Facebook Outage
Posted September 28, 2021
We would like to remind everyone of our Aurora Farmers Fair hours. Don't forget to visit to view the Aurora Farmers Fair Webcams during the fair.
Aurora Farmers Fair 2021
Microsoft after saying Windows 10 would be the LAST version of windows, had recently hinted at a new Windows release on the horizon. Today they made the announcement official, and outlined some the the key features and requirements for the new operating sytem. Read more below...
Windows 11 Officially Announced
Posted March 11, 2021
Aurora Computer Center will NOT have in-store services Monday and Tuesday this week due to the predicted snowfall later today and this evening. Our phone support and remote repair services are available during normal business hours (8AM-4PM).
Windows 10 Printer Bug
Posted February 8, 2021
This is a great time of the year to have your computer checked over for malware (before you type in your sensitive information online) and upgraded for speed and performance!
PC Security - Upgrades
Posted December 21, 2020
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from our family at Aurora Computer Center!
Holiday Hours
Yet another vulnerability found in the outdated Windows 7 operating system. Read more below.
Windows 7 Zero Day Vulnerability Found
FYI to anyone affected by this issue: Microsoft has released a fix for a frustrating Windows 10 black-screen issue.
Microsoft Fixed Windows 10 Black Screen Bug
Posted November 2, 2020
New Internet Options are coming to the rural southeastern Indiana area. Southeastern Indiana REMC and SEI Communications announced today that the two cooperatives have entered into a Broadband Joint Venture Agreement to serve SEIREMC members with high-speed internet service. Click below to read the full details.
REMC/SEI Joint Internet Venture
Posted October 30, 2020
Xfinity is discontinuing their partnership with Norton Security at the end of the year. Users with xFi are given the option to use their router as a whole home security monitoring service. Everyone else will be offered a Norton Security Online Trial for 6 Months to transition users back to their own solutions.
Xfinity Ending Norton Partnership
Posted October 29, 2020
Just another reminder that flash player is on borrowed time. Adobe recognized it was no longer needed with the release of HTML 5 back in 2007. Click below to find out more.
Windows 10 update removes Flash
Posted September 5, 2020
Aurora Computer Center will return to normal business hours next week. Starting Tuesday September 8th, we will be open Mon-Fri 8AM to 4PM and Saturdays 9AM to Noon. Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend!
Updated Business Hours
If you are one of the few people that are still using Internet Explorer you have less than one year remaining before Microsoft will remove all support for it. Microsoft did add 'Internet Explorer Legacy Mode' into the new Microsoft Edge to help its remaining users migrate to the new browser. Click the title to read more...
Support for Internet Explorer ending
Posted August 17, 2020
The Third Street construction project has reached the intersection of Third and Bridgeway. We will continue to operate normal hours during the construction. If you need assistance or would like us to come to your vehicle parked on the side streets, simply call (or come in and get us) once you have arrived and we will be right out.
Third Street Construction
Posted August 10, 2020
We dusted off our VCR and now have new equipment to convert your old VHS to Digital Video (MP4) or DVD. VHS degrades over time, so stop down today and preserve your memories in a digital format. We also convert DVD to Digital Video (MP4).
VHS Conversion
Posted July 25, 2020
Even large corporations are susceptible to phishing email scams. After several employees at twitter had their work account credentials stolen, hackers worked quickly to reset targeted twitter users accounts and setup a bitcoin scam to millions of their followers. Follow this link to find out more.
Twitter Hacked: Bitcoin Scam
Posted June 27, 2020
Upcoming Holiday Hours. Have a fun and safe Independence day!!!
Holiday Hours
Posted June 22, 2020
Want to find out how secure your password is and if it is contained in a database of hacked passwords?
Password Security
Posted May 2, 2020
We are currently open in-store Monday thru Friday from 8AM to 2PM and Saturday 9AM to Noon. Phone support will still be available during the week 8AM to 4PM. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Indiana Back on Track Plan
Posted April 2, 2020
Heads up to users of the Zoom service. Currently multiple Zero-Day vulnerabilities have been discovered for both Mac and PC. To read more, click the title above...
Zoom Service Vulnerabilities
Posted March 19, 2020
During the next few weeks, our in-store hours will be limited to 8AM to 12PM. We will still be available via phone during normal business hours [8AM to Noon and 12:30PM to 4PM]. We have the ability to remotely connect, diagnose, and repair your PC in most cases. Call ahead before visiting to see if we can help you remotely. We will not have Fax Service until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Hours Changed - Covid-19
Posted March 16, 2020
We have the ability to connect and fix some issues remotely, call ahead and ask if your issue can be handled remotely before making your way in. If you do need to come visit us in person, rest assured we are cleaning all surfaces that are touched by the public multiple times per day and usually do not have multiple customers in the store at the same time. Thanks, Aurora Computer Center.
Remote Services Available
Posted March 12, 2020
Windows is currently susceptible to a new wormable vulnerability. A patch has yet to be created, and it is unknown how long before Microsoft will start rolling one out. See more info below.
Wormable Flaw Discovered
Posted February 27, 2020
Firefox has implemented DNS encryption over HTTPS to help with end-user privacy. Read the full story below.
Wormable Flaw Discovered