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Sangoma DC210
Business moves us. Whether you are on your way to a meeting, grabbing something from storage or just stopping by the vending machine for a snack it is important to always be reachable. The Sangoma Wireless DECT phone system gives you that power and more. Designed with a mobile staff in mind this phone is ideal for administrators, warehouse workers, maintenance personnel, retail stores and wherever you need the option to move. Cordless Color IP Phone. Includes Base and one Handset. (Note: Extra Handsets - $99.00 each)
  • Supports Up to 20 DECT Cordless Handsets (Additional Handsets Sold Separately)
  • Up to 5 Simultaneous Calls
  • Up to 8-HourTalk Time & 75-Hour Standby Time
  • TLS & SRTP Secure Encryption
  • Extra Handsets - $99.00 each
  • Range Up to 50m Indoors
Compare all of the Sangoma Phones
Sangoma phone No. SIP Acct. No. Prog. Buttons Display
S206 2 4 2-Line Grayscale
S305 2 4 192x64 pixel grayscale LCD
S406 3 25 32.7-inch greyscale
S505 4 35 3.5 Inch Full Color
S705 6 45 4.3 inch full color
EXT100 N/A 40 Full Color
DC210 5 3 Color