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Sangoma S406
The s406 features industry standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), a full duplex speakerphone, 5-way conference calling, high definition (HD) voice quality and built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) capability. The Sangoma s406 IP Phone is a full feature, Mid-Level set phone with 3 SIP accounts all at a competitive price point.
  • 3 VoIP accounts
  • 32.7-inch greyscale screen
  • 25 Programmable Softkeys
  • 5-way conferencing
  • Codecs: iLBC, G.722. G.711(A/?), GSM_FR, G.723, G.729AB, G.726-32, OPUS
  • Dual 10/100/1000 Network
  • EHS Support for popular wireless headsets (requires the purchase of EHS30 Adapter)
  • Native VPN support for FreePBX
  • FreePBX Phone Apps and End Point Manager license included Free of Charge for Sangoma Phones
Compare all of the Sangoma Phones
Sangoma phone No. SIP Acct. No. Prog. Buttons Display
S206 2 4 2-Line Grayscale
S305 2 4 192x64 pixel grayscale LCD
S406 3 25 32.7-inch greyscale
S505 4 35 3.5 Inch Full Color
S705 6 45 4.3 inch full color
EXT100 N/A 40 Full Color
DC210 5 3 Color